Breath of the Plains

Breath of the Plains, No. 1

Breath of the Plains, No. 1

Breath of the Plains, No. 1

I’ve just returned from Texas and the twelfth annual High and Dry show, and when I spend thirteen hours in the car driving (okay, driving short distances and then stopping to shoot), I have a chance to ponder new series I’d like to create. In my last post, I detailed one of those: You are Here.

The second is a project I’ve been anxiously trying to give voice for several years. Wind, you see, punctuates our existence here on the Great Plains; I’ve come to think of it as the “breath of the Plains.” And as I’ve looked for images to begin the project, I’ve done sketches, but nothing presented itself as a worthy “Number 1 in a Series.” Until yesterday.

Say hello to Breath of the Plains, No. 1.