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Digital Photo Pro’s “The Face” Entries

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These are the four photographs I recently entered in Digital Photo Pro’s “The Face” contest, which is exclusively for portrait and people photography.

These shots are perhaps my “people favorites” from several years of work. Enjoy.

Tickle Me Red and Call Me a Leica: I’m Nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award

Okay, first a disclaimer: I’m a photographer, which means I love making images. For any shooter, that has to be enough, since one’s work is seldom praised, seldom recognized, and seldom purchased, especially when compared to products deemed more necessary to life, like gourmet food. Oh, yes, there’s a Food Network, but do you see a Photography Channel? Nope. Praise is elusive and, even when given, fleeting. Think of the most prolific statement by Patrick Demarchelier, the great fashion photographer: “You’re only as good as your last photograph.”

Therefore, I’m honored to have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by my longtime fan Where God Takes Me (my daughter especially loves the name); as a twist on the old saying goes, tickle me red and call me a Leica.

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Featuring Elsewhere: Sand Creek Tree at Photolord Contest

Tree, Sand Creek Badlands

Tree, Sand Creek Badlands

A nice surprise today when the Photolord contest featured “Tree, Sand Creek Badlands” as the daily photo winner. I can really tell, though, that I’m working with a new calibrated monitor between the two conversions of the RAW image. The pre-calibration image is too dark, so I’ve re-posted the calibrated one here.

Thanks again to Matt George and his work at the contest.