Month: October 2012

Opening at Texas Tech: Leif and Claire

Leif and Claire, Lusker Ranch

Leif and Claire: Showing at the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech University in November, December and January.

A while ago, my friend Melinda Green Harvey (quite the accomplished photographer herself) tipped me off toward entering a few photos for the juried High and Dry 2012 show at the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech; as I told Melinda, over the years I’ve come to understand the most important part in being an artist is becoming used to rejection and disappointment.

That didn’t happen this time; my image Leif and Claire No. 2 was not only selected for the show, but was also selected among the 13 finalist prints, and even better, so was Melinda’s.

The show opens on November 23.

Retrospective: Storm and Lightning

Storm and Lightning, Hastings College, Nebraska

Storm and Lightning, Hastings College, Nebraska

Storms are a hoot to shoot; easy evidence is this shot, made on a hot July night as a massive and violent electrical storm rolled through, just south of Hastings. I made about 20 exposures that night, each time waiting for the perfect bolt of lightning to split the space between the Gray Center and trees. And with shot 19, nature played along.

Retrospective: Chalk Creek Storm

Chalk Creek Storm

Chalk Creek Storm
July, 2005
7:15 p.m.

I have been known to brave lightning in the hopes of making a memorable image, and in July of 2005, as rains swept through central Colorado for more than a week, I braved on storm in the hopes that the sun in its evening light would illuminate the Collegiate Peaks west of the cabin. It did.

In looking back at this image, I smile as I notice how the tree fits neatly into the saddle of the foothills of Mount Antero, how the light breaks into beams only above the canyon, and how the scalene triangle of three boulders in the lower right corner of the image perfectly assumes the shape of the mountains and sunlight behind it.

Evening light, indeed.

Digital Photo Pro’s “The Face” Entries

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These are the four photographs I recently entered in Digital Photo Pro’s “The Face” contest, which is exclusively for portrait and people photography.

These shots are perhaps my “people favorites” from several years of work. Enjoy.

Retrospective: Alley Belle’s Cabin, Colorado

Alley Belle Cabin, Romley

Alley Belle Cabin, Romley
July, 2006
7:20 a.m.

I’ve been coming to the Alley Belle mine for many years, and every time I do, I find new facets to photograph. In fact, many times the place frustrates me as I try to simplify the place into a meaningful image; this image is one successful attempt. A print of it hangs in our house, three feet wide, reminding us of an early July morning, surrounded by the ghosts of a time long past.