Fine Art Black-and-White Inkjet Printing on the Epson 3880

Advanced Black and White Printing on the Epson 3880

Advanced Black and White Printing on the Epson 3880

In my previous Field & Studio tutorial, I showed how to use ICC color profiles with the Epson 3880 in order to achieve stunning color prints. However, I don’t recommend following that process for black and white prints, especially since Epson has built some very powerful tools into the 3880 for precisely this purpose. Click the link to learn more about fine art black-and-white printing on the Epson 3880.

Accurate Color Printing on the Epson 3880

This tutorial uses my photo "Leif and Claire" as its example.

This tutorial uses my photo “Leif and Claire” as its example.

I’ve been printing on my new Epson Stylus Pro 3880 for about a month now, preparing the 40 pieces for my West Nebraska Arts Center show that opens on March 1. If there’s a way to crash-course making good prints, this is it. I’ve been very, very impressed with the results, as have clients who have seen the work. The challenge is getting those results if you’re a novice, and this tutorial is meant as a starting point for giclée newcomers.

You can read the full tutorial at my how-to blog, Field & Studio.