PlainSky, Nebraskans: A Book Preview

PlainSky Nebraskans Cover Sample

PlainSky Nebraskans Cover Sample

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It seems like it’s been an eternity in the making at times, but simply a brief moment at others. Nevertheless, “PlainSky, Nebraskans” is off to the editors Monday for creative and copy critiques and makeovers, then to press by February 10. Books will ship mid-March if customers aren’t able to make it to either the West Nebraska Arts Center opening in Scottsbluff on March 1, or the Minden Opera House Gallery on April 19. There are still some copies of the book left for pre-order, but hurry, since it is a limited edition of 100.

Just for fun, I’ve provided a high-quality PDF of the introduction and an excerpt from chapter one, “Nebraskans.” Enjoy, but remember this is still a pre-edited version, so some changes in writing, spelling and grammar are likely still afoot.