1. Sad to see the pictures of wind turbines as “Breath of the Plains.” Just read your article, “10 Lessons for All of Us From the Plainsky, Nebraskans.” Those pictures are the breath of the plains! Wide open spaces, grass and windmills (water windmills) blowing in that breath, horses running through the tall grass with cumulus clouds overhead. Using some of your own words, we cherish the simplicity, watch the sunrise (unencumbered by wind turbines), we like the slow moving world, we respect our upbringing, and find singular joy in physical work, and we live in the moment as we watch the grass become molten in the late evening sun. We don’t wish any of it away. We are wealthier spiritually than most and we want it to stay that way. So, when you write of the breath of the plains, please do not picture wind turbines. You haven’t really breathed it in the real breath of the plains if you consider wind turbines depicting that breath. However, I felt you caught the real spirit of PlainSky, NE in your article, “10 Lessons…”

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