PlainSky, Nebraskans: Stained Glass Window Reflection, Sioux County Courthouse

Stained Glass Window, Sioux County Courthouse

Stained Glass Window, Sioux County Courthouse

The Sioux County Courthouse serves fewer than 1,400 people in a county of almost 2,100 square miles. On a January afternoon in the building, Morris, a World War II veteran, was part of a group of residents who gathered to have their portraits taken by my Images of West Nebraska students. As he lolled about the foyer, waiting for his next session, I caught him as part of what I believe to be the most complicated, well-constructed image I’ve ever shot.

I think of this photograph as my own M. C. Escher. The stained glass window at the top of the image is a reflection of the window behind me; the diagonal lines, reflections, vanishing points and myriad lighting colors all combine to make a simple image that has a surreal quality. Those are almost always the most complicated, and my friend Sam Abell gave this shot a nice compliment: “That’s terrific.”