PlainSky, Nebraskans: Sand Hills Train, Grant County

Sand Hills Train, Grant County

Sand Hills Train, Grant County

The Sand Hills (or, as Nebraskans do it, the Sandhills) are a challenging, subtle place to photograph; few trees or geographic landmarks exist to help define a sense of scale in any photo. That may be why I’m so drawn to the area: It’s a challenge. But, I think it is more the immense expanse of the sky, the clarity of vision and the openness of the landscape that simply tantalizes me with the question, “What if?”


Help Harrison Build a New Fire Hall

Young Cowboy, Harrison, Matted

"Young Cowboy, Harrison" is the 2-foot-wide print I've donated to Harrison as a raffle grand prize in an effort to help raise money for the town's new fire hall.

Harrison, Neb., is hoping for a new fire hall in 2013, and I couldn’t just stand by and watch as 275 people tried to finance such an endeavor all by themselves. Continue reading

PlainSky, Nebraskans: Sumac, Hall County

Sumac, Hall County

Sumac, Hall County

Fall is a wonderful time in Nebraska: No, I’m not waxing poetically about Husker football, but about the fall colors. Autumn is dry here, chilly and clear, while the colors are vivid and the harvest dust luminescent; roadsides offer their own version of micro-scenery, as if the plants themselves are trying valiantly to contribute something to the already vibrant hues of the season.