Oregon Trail

From Days (okay, decades) Past: Wizard Island, Oregon

Wizard Island in Winter, Oregon

Wizard Island in Winter, Oregon

My hope for the next few months (when I’ve finished finals this week) is to select images from my copious vault of slides (yes, kids, once we used E-6, and we liked it), and have them remastered to digital files. It’s expensive, so I’m only having my favorites done, but this is one–from a long time ago. It’s framed and on a wall in my house, a reminder of the days where my wife and I lived in the state which was the target of one of the largest migrations in human history: Oregon. This spot, Crater Lake, is spectacular any time of year, but especially so in winter.

Keep in mind, this is just a macro shot of the un-retouched slide, so the corners are blurry, there is lint, there are scratches, and there is dust. But the image remains.