Chalk Creek

Retrospective: Chalk Creek Storm

Chalk Creek Storm

Chalk Creek Storm
July, 2005
7:15 p.m.

I have been known to brave lightning in the hopes of making a memorable image, and in July of 2005, as rains swept through central Colorado for more than a week, I braved on storm in the hopes that the sun in its evening light would illuminate the Collegiate Peaks west of the cabin. It did.

In looking back at this image, I smile as I notice how the tree fits neatly into the saddle of the foothills of Mount Antero, how the light breaks into beams only above the canyon, and how the scalene triangle of three boulders in the lower right corner of the image perfectly assumes the shape of the mountains and sunlight behind it.

Evening light, indeed.

Isolated Pool, the Cascades, Colorado

Isolated Pool, the Cascades

Isolated Pool, the Cascades

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In an earlier post, I presented a detail from a spot that I’ve visited since I was a boy, and to which I have returned countless times to make photographs. On this occasion, just one day after I made the first image of rocks, Chalk Creek, and lichens, I found this trio of boulders guarding a small pool from the furor of the snow-melt stoked creek, and resolved to contrast the calmness of the pool with the anger of Chalk Creek in early summer.