Brett Erickson

The PlainSky, Nebraskans Show: The Complete Works No. 13

Desolation Gate: PlainSky Nebraskans No. 13, 24" x 16" on Red River Arctic Polar Luster

Desolation Gate: PlainSky Nebraskans No. 13, 24″ x 16″ on Red River Arctic Polar Luster

Another of the more eerie images in the PlainSky show, Desolation Gate is (among other things) a statement of foreboding and loss as it sits on the doorstep of northwest Nebraska.

The New Site Is Up

It’s been a long time coming, but the new is now up.  I’ve been stalling with the new site for some time. It’s made it hard to offer prints for sale.

New Site Screenshot

But, we’re up and running. There are more improvements to come, depending on how things go. Right now, I’m just accepting PayPay payments as a convenience for clients, but if orders take off, I may add a shopping cart system in the future that also accepts credit cards. But, let’s not get ahead of things.


PlainSky, Nebraskans: Initial Butte Panorama, Dawes County

Initial Butte Panorama, Dawes County
Initial Butte Panorama, Dawes County

Western Nebraskans are tremendously welcoming and gracious once you break through their tough exterior. Case in point: Dave Kreman. Together with his wife, he owns the Ranch House Restaurant in Crawford (good place to eat, by the way, and great for pictures), and also owns a large ranch: 300 cattle and 6000 acres of land. Yesterday morning, he picked my students and me up at Fort Robinson at 6:20 a.m., and drove us into the backcountry of his ranch to Initial Butte.

“Boy, I wish somebody would make a panorama of this view,” Dave said to me.

So I did.

PlainSky, Nebraskans: Sand Hills Train, Grant County

Sand Hills Train, Grant County

Sand Hills Train, Grant County

The Sand Hills (or, as Nebraskans do it, the Sandhills) are a challenging, subtle place to photograph; few trees or geographic landmarks exist to help define a sense of scale in any photo. That may be why I’m so drawn to the area: It’s a challenge. But, I think it is more the immense expanse of the sky, the clarity of vision and the openness of the landscape that simply tantalizes me with the question, “What if?”

Help Harrison Build a New Fire Hall

Young Cowboy, Harrison, Matted

"Young Cowboy, Harrison" is the 2-foot-wide print I've donated to Harrison as a raffle grand prize in an effort to help raise money for the town's new fire hall.

Harrison, Neb., is hoping for a new fire hall in 2013, and I couldn’t just stand by and watch as 275 people tried to finance such an endeavor all by themselves. Continue reading