Andrew Wyeth

The PlainSky, Nebraskans Show Grows to Two Images

Tribute To Andrew Wyeth, Sioux County Museum

Tribute To Andrew Wyeth, Sioux County Museum

From time to time, I’ll be posting updates about the 15 images I’ve decided in include in the 2013 PlainSky, Nebraskans show; it’s my way of cataloging the show overall, as well as allowing others to offer feedback on my choices of prints. Continue reading


High Praise by Peter Ralston for “Tribute to Andrew Wyeth”

A Tribute to Andrew Wyeth's The Trammel

A Tribute to Andrew Wyeth’s The Trammel

I recently posted this image on my Hastings College J-Term class blog, Photos of the West.  A tribute to Andrew Wyeth’s The Trammel, imagine my surprise when legendary Wyeth protegè, photographer and gallery owner Peter Ralston posted this comment on the blog:
“…your piece somehow transcends the ordinary. As Andy used to say, ‘It has a quality.’ Without intending a pun, my hat’s off to you.”