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The New Site is Up


After slogging through six months of a temporary site, I’ve finally completed the hosting and layout changeover to the new Take a look, and I hope you like it.



Featuring Elsewhere: Breath of the Plains at JPG Magazine

Breath of the Plains, No. 1

Breath of the Plains, No. 1

I had a nice surprise this afternoon when JPG Magazine staff notified me Breath of the Plains, No. 1 was the top image in their most recent blog post.

Click here or on the image to the left to visit.

Opening at Texas Tech: Leif and Claire

Leif and Claire, Lusker Ranch

Leif and Claire: Showing at the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech University in November, December and January.

A while ago, my friend Melinda Green Harvey (quite the accomplished photographer herself) tipped me off toward entering a few photos for the juried High and Dry 2012 show at the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech; as I told Melinda, over the years I’ve come to understand the most important part in being an artist is becoming used to rejection and disappointment.

That didn’t happen this time; my image Leif and Claire No. 2 was not only selected for the show, but was also selected among the 13 finalist prints, and even better, so was Melinda’s.

The show opens on November 23.

PlainSky, Nebraskans Available for Pre-Order Tomorrow

PlainSky, Nebraskans Cover

PlainSky, Nebraskans Cover

After a flattering number of requests, I decided some weeks ago to make PlainSky, Nebraskans available for pre-order; but I needed to get a cover ready for those pre-orders so customers who wished to reserve a copy could see what they were getting.

The pre-order process might not make much sense at first, but does after the edition details emerge: soft cover, 102 pages, 100 signed and numbered copies, and a foreward by Sam Abell, the famous photographer (just Google him).

Tomorrow the pre-order form will be available on, and will require no deposit. Simply request a copy on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sorry, but for now, I’m only taking US orders (nothing personal, rest of the world).

New Images Available on

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I’ve added two new (okay, “more,” not “new,” since I shot neither of these this year) images on Bluff and Storm-Sioux County, and Chalk Creek Storm. While Chalk Creek Storm is a standard 100-edition per size print, Bluff and Storm is a 35-edition panorama, the lowest number I’ve ever set for a print.