Gone for three weeks? Then back? Must have been shooting.

Town Hall, Gunnison County

Town Hall, Gunnison County


One may assume, for a photographer, a drought in the publishing of images means one of three things: 1) the photographer has finally reached the limit of his or her tolerance for despair and thus has given up the craft, opting rather to join the merchant marine; 2) the photographer has been in the field shooting; or 3) the photographer has been eaten by a bear.

I’m glad that No. 2 was the case for me.

I’m just back from teaching at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, where I had the pleasure of shooting with Susan Portnoy, the blogger behind The Insatiable Traveler, as well as my dear friend George Bumstead, a rising star in the photographic world. During that workshop, a bit of black and white humor emerged as the class began equating personalities with Ansel Adams’ and Fred Archer’s Zone System.

The class decided I am a Zone 3.

And so I returned to the Colorado backcountry after Santa Fe to work on new visions, fully embracing the darkness.

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