The Next Show: Recollections, Nebraska Arts Council



In September 2013—while I was in SoHo for a show opening—the Nebraska Arts Council notified me I had been awarded one of the eight shows the council grants in their gallery (the Fred Simon in Omaha’s Old Market). It is a great honor, and like the last time I opened a major show, I now will begin releasing images a few months before in order to give my online audience a sneak peak of the pieces. As a disclaimer, the digital images that will appear here are nothing like the physical pieces that will show in the Fred Simon Gallery, but to find out what those differences are, you’ll need to attend.

And thus, here is the first image in my new series, “Recollections.” If you’re interested in the meanings and themes in the images I’ve been exploring, just comment below, and we’ll start a conversation.


    1. May 1, Fred Simon Gallery. 🙂 I can say without reservation these are the most challenging images I’ve ever made, and they will challenge the audience even more.

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