1. My favorite part of this photo is that strip of yellowed tape on the window shade, showing how someone was trying to hold the whole thing together.

    Your comments reminded me of two things – one is an excellent sentence from an email from a friend: “I am both purging my house of stuff I have no need for and filling it with stuff I have no need for, but of better quality.”

    The other thing I am reminded of is my late mother-in-law, who had a habit of buying stuff (crap, to be slightly more accurate) at estate and garage sales and then foisting it off on us, telling us it was “worth a lot of money.” My argument that it was only worth “money” if/when we sold it never failed to gain any ground with her: she was not able to distinguish bewteen monetary value and intrinsic worth. (And, now I’m reminded of the poem “Things of Intrinsic Worth” by the great cowboy poet Wally McRae – http://www.cowboypoetry.com/mcrae.htm#Intrinsic)

  2. We all see different things. Melinda sees the tape – my eye goes from the small picture of four flowers, clockwise to the toggle on the end of the window shade (at least I think it is the toggle), round to that tiny shiny fixture just beside the top left corner of the shade, and then to the round light top centre. Those points act like the cardinal points on a compass. My eye is drawn round this image, in a revealing way. Small details can make a heck of a difference.

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