Spring in the Plains is Back: Sid, Adam Ranch, Sandhills

Sid Thurston, Sandhills

Sid Thurston, Sandhills

Ah, spring in ranch country. My assistant and I had been on the road for four hours, and as the sun’s first light began revealing the details of Nebraska’s Sand Hills at 4:30 a.m., I remarked to her that the smell–oh, the smell–of new plains grass in the cold, clean air was a welcome reminder of the scents from my own childhood. Nectar for the nose, I said.

Later, as the branding wore on, I had found my classic faces in the group and I asked Sid, a careworn, intelligent and respected rancher to step into the shed and make a portrait or three. He graciously accepted, and the light in his eyes reflected a life well-lived.


  1. Beautifully done. We used to drive up to Grandma’s house for Easter in Nenzel. The meadows, the small marshes in a few places, that sea of grass is beautiful in Spring.

      1. We used to fish for crappies and bluegills south of town in the ponds. I doubt most people even think of the Sandhills that way. Nice place.

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