Juniper No. 1, Moab

Juniper No. 1, Moab

Juniper No. 1, Moab

I led a group of students on a photo trip in January to the Southwest, and our last stop was Moab. On a scouting excursion one morning, one of the students (an emerging capable photographer in her own right) asked why I spent so much time with trees, since “they all seemed so alike.”

They’re not, I told her. Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, John Shaw and Brett Weston–to name just a few–spent time with trees. They have a spirit, I said, and to find the personality and the essence of a tree means taking time to talk with it. She proceeded to focus a lot more on trees for the duration of the trip, and by the end, admitted she had a new respect for the allure of trees.


  1. Trees are always good subjects – especially those that have a weathered, beaten down but surviving look. Bristlecone pines are my favorite.

    1. John, I agree completely–including about the bristlecones. A few months back, I posted another tree photo of a bristlecone stand I worked in the high country of Colorado. A magical tree!

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