Harvest, Adams County

Harvest, Kearney County

Harvest, Kearney County

I’ve been working on a commission for an agricultural services office, and one of the themes the owner wants is that of “Harvest.” I needed several months to carefully consider the meanings of the word, as well as the cultural connotations as they mate to landscapes.

The project has forced me to return to color work for a while, too, which is not something I’ve done with landscapes for some time. Here’s a contender for the piece.


  1. I love the composition of this shot. The colour works very well, but when you are done with the client, this shot should transform into a wonderful black and white image. It is almost demanding conversion.
    I wonder if all your time shooting b&w has changed the way you make colour photos – an anticipation of converting to b&w always at play in how you choose light and composition.
    Anyway, while this might become a great b&w photo, it is working extremely well in colour.

    1. Golly, do you ever have a bead on my style. 🙂 I’d thought about this fact, and converted it just to see if I really DO see in black and white. Boy, do I ever. 😉 Thanks for the insight!

      1. “seeing in black and white” – that is a very economical way of saying what I was getting at. I bet it makes for some great colour shots.

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