Rodeo Clown, Pleasanton Rodeo

Rodeo Clown, Pleasanton Rodeo

Rodeo Clown, Pleasanton Rodeo

In today’s small-town rodeos, the traditional rodeo clown has all but disappeared. This young man was a remnant of that past, with his costume and painted face evoking memories of rodeos long ago, and I made several images of him during the evening, but the portrait continues to draw me back.


    1. Melinda,

      At least in Nebraska and Wyoming small rodeos, the barrels are gone, most of the time the face paint is gone, and clowns now use more “stylish” clown clothes that don’t really resemble the traditional dress. It’s something folks have lamented about with me as I’ve gone around to the various events, and I felt it was time to make a photo for posterity. 🙂

  1. Brett, I really like this one. Not that I don’t like the others, but there is something in this one that resonates with me.

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