Tough Hands No. 10

Tough Hands No. 10

Tough Hands No. 10

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Bad weather makes good pictures. It’s a lesson taught to me by one of the greats at National Geographic, Sam Abell, and Sam’s not often wrong. So on a cold and windy early June morning, the clouds in the background and the collars turned against the cold added up to an iconic image of real cowboys really cowboying in one of the great ranching landscapes in the American West.


    1. Steven,

      Yup, sunny days aren’t nearly as fun as cloudy most times. Rodeos are the exception, maybe, since the dust in the air can be wonderful when backlit. Otherwise, clear skies = yuck.

    1. Thanks! Even though it was utterly freezing (with a 45 mph wind), I was too focused on making images to notice due to the light and clouds. Woo hoo!

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