Field and Trees, North Texas

Field and Trees, North Texas

Field and Trees, North Texas

It was a chilly day in December (for Texas, that is; Nebraskans would be in shorts and tank tops at 55 degrees), and a misty pall hung over the red dirt of the northern Texas panhandle. I like back roads, and on a whim, added a few hours to my homeward journey to look for subtle images that made my eye move and my mind ponder.


    1. M,

      Thanks! North Texas looks a lot different than Nebraska–I’m not sure why, so maybe I should say it FEELS different. I need to spend more time, say in Marfa…

      1. Yes. Marfa would be a good idea. Even though it’s nowhere close to North Texas. But you’d have to DRIVE THROUGH North Texas to get there. That’s what you were referring to, maybe?

        However, I am pretty sure for you to be able to get the full effect of Marfa, you’d probably need a guide. Someone who’s a native Texan, for example. And who knows her way around a camera, maybe. And – I’m not being overly specific, I hope – she should probably be named Melinda Green Harvey.

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