Bronc Tack, O’Neill Rodeo

Bareback Tack, O'Neill Rodeo

Bronc Tack, O’Neill Rodeo

Just like my friend Melinda Green Harvey, I like lines, but especially those with varied textures, symbolism, and tones. I studied the tack neatly organized on the back fence of the chutes for some time, waiting for the light and the horses in the corral behind to line up properly, and then made this shot.



    1. Thanks! I’m pretty fixated on such things (lines and textures), as you know. Or is that distracte…OOOH! LINES!

      I’m sorry, what were we talking about? 😉

      1. For some reason that I don’t know, our family shorthand for become distracted in the middle of something (common affliction with us!) is “waffles.” We are allowed to say it whenever anyone veers suddenly off topic.

        So my only response to you is: WAFFLES.

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