Smoke, Collegiate Peaks

Smoke, Collegiate Peaks

Smoke, Collegiate Peaks

I am a formalist in my compositions most often; in other words, the forms and structures of objects are of great visual inspiration for me. Translation: I like abstracts. Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollack, de Kooning, Clifford Still all carry great emotional weight for me, and often, my photographs exhibit this influence.



    1. That’s high praise, and I’m grateful. It’s a great day when our own work evokes someone like Mark Rothko–now only if my images sold for as much as his paintings….

    2. I also took a look at your work, and it is simply stunning. I’m not one to dish out praise about images quickly (just ask my students), and your architectural work (the bullring is truly exceptional in its abstract expressionism and density of tones) is outstanding. These are clearly 35mm shots, but the contrast and sharpness are brilliant, so I’m guessing…Leica M8.2 or M9 with a 24mm Lux lens for most of these images?

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