Last Post Until July 16: Bronc Team, Eddyville Rodeo

Bronc Riding Team, Eddyville Rodeo

Bronc Team, Eddyville Rodeo

Well, I’m off photographing in southern Colorado won’t return until July 14. So in the meantime, I’m posting this image from my shoot at the (very) rural Eddyville rodeo from last week.

It was a grand, dirty evening due to the dust; when the light would pass through it, stunning shots happened. It also took me three hours to clean my gear the next day.

As the bronc teams set their mounts and prepared to perform, the sun dropped low on the horizon and the dust mingled with the latent clouds remaining after a strong storm had passed just to the south. The rider’s hand on his hip left a small space for the sun to illuminate the hanging particles of dust hanging in the air, and the light–oh, the light–on his hat and the shadow of his head were simply intoxicating.


    1. Eric,

      Yup, the assignments get a lot more fun as an independent photographer (does that sound like I miss my days as a professional journalist?), and much more artistic. I’ll think of you on my next 19 sunlit mornings at 9,000 feet above sea level. 🙂


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