The PlainSky, Nebraskans Show: The Complete Works No. 7

Cemetery Angel: The PlainSky, Nebraskans No. 7

Cemetery Angel: PlainSky, Nebraskans No. 7

This eerie scene of a child’s grave in the Whitman cemetery in Hooker county has haunted me for some time in my photographic efforts. The young girl died in the first years of the twentieth century as her family struggled to establish a life in the rugged Sandhills, a life tied to the growing town of Whitman. Now, Whitman is nearly extinct, and the monument to the child has only the trio of nearby cedars for companionship on the High Plains.


    1. Thanks-the storm rolling in, coupled with no people and the simple fact I was in a cemetery with the grave of a dead child certainly made the shoot uneasy. But worth it.

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