PlainSky, Nebraskans: Patty’s Zesto, Alliance

Patty’s Zesto, Alliance

One can find a few remaining Zesto drive-ins in a number of locations across the US. Throwbacks to a simpler and slower time, when our cars were less rolling multimedia ports for children and drivers, and more tools for experiencing the grandeur of the country itself, as well as ourselves, the Zesto drive-in was a key destination for a summer Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

Now, these are endangered species, emblems of what the modern era means in terms of losing ourselves and our identities as communities. What better symbol–both nationally and locally–for the dying culture of the high Nebraska plains? And with this in mind, I tried to show Patty’s as just that, a reflection of its community, with the community itself reflected faintly in the windows of the drive-in.


    1. That’s fantastic! It’s always funny how you and I are drawn to the same visions of the Great Plains. Flatlanders we are indeed.

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