Retrospective: Kentucky Falls, Oregon

Kentucky Falls, Oregon

Kentucky Falls, Oregon
April, 1998 (I think)

Years ago, as I worked to define my voice as a photographer as being beyond that of a simple landscape, this image helped me to begin the journey. Is it my best? No. In fact, years later, I would say it has no life. But it began mine, as it is now defined in photographic terms; I began seeing anew that day.

Because occasionally, we find a moment that helps us learn to think in different ways, to see in different tones. This image was the start of that exodus for me.


One comment

  1. Wow:) You are right on and I am in the young learning stage and hungry to learn as much as I can…I always ask a bazillion questions as I want to learn and be the best I can:) Lived in Oregon all my life….where is Kentucky Falls, Oregon? And I like your photo…it is interesting with the falls, the green colors and the tree in front…it has to be on the Western side of Oregon…we live on the Eastern side.

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