Opening at Texas Tech: Leif and Claire

Leif and Claire, Lusker Ranch

Leif and Claire: Showing at the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech University in November, December and January.

A while ago, my friend Melinda Green Harvey (quite the accomplished photographer herself) tipped me off toward entering a few photos for the juried High and Dry 2012 show at the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech; as I told Melinda, over the years I’ve come to understand the most important part in being an artist is becoming used to rejection and disappointment.

That didn’t happen this time; my image Leif and Claire No. 2 was not only selected for the show, but was also selected among the 13 finalist prints, and even better, so was Melinda’s.

The show opens on November 23.


    1. Much appreciated-Melinda really deserves the props. I wouldn’t have even thought of this show if she hadn’t suggested it (not being in Texas has its disadvantages-just ask Melinda). 🙂

  1. Congratulations!!! I love the shot as you can see the humanity and relationship…and I love the background scenery of isolation….speaking from my own life living as an only child on an isolated cattle ranch…my dogs, horses and cats were my brothers and sisters…my best friends and were my world:)

    1. Being a “kid from the sticks” myself, it explains a lot about why my sister and I are both enamored by what city folk call “nothingness.” Funny thing, we both like that nothingness, too. Thanks for the props!

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