Retrospective: Cascades Trio

Cascades Trio, Chaffee County

Cascades Trio, Chaffee County
July, 2009
7:15 p.m.,

My mentor has told me reviewing old images is sometimes even more fun than making them, and in the case of “Cascades Trio, Chaffee County,” that’s certainly the case. I’ve been visiting this spot since I was very small; the dust of the area permeates my soul. But the place, like all in nature, subtly changes even from moment to moment, and I knew these three granite souls would be gone the next spring, moved to newer pastures by the rushing snowmelt, one more stop on the way to becoming so much mountain dust. And so one evening, as the red light bounced from canyon wall to canyon wall, the high summer water rushing past, I set my tripod for a long exposure to still the waters and record the light.

And, for a single moment, I could record the answer to the question, “What is this place?”


    1. Alessandro-good question, my friend. I used a 3.0 ND filter (B+W Multicoated) at ISO 50, F/22 for a little over 7 minutes, then removed the resultant noise in the NIK DFine plugin. The lens was a Canon 24-70 F/2.8 L; camera body was a 7D.

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