Retrospective: A Fall Project

St. Elmo General Store

St. Elmo General Store, September, 2001
5:45 a.m.

I regard this photo as one of my masterworks; it never loses its power for me. The selection and repetition of colors, repetition of shapes, use of parallel lines, metal textures, and the subtle message on the barber pole of “LOOK. FEEL.”

As I was driving home from class in Lincoln, Nebraska, last night at 11:30 p.m., I was thinking about the conversation that our Instructional Materials class had engaged just earlier: “What makes a good design? A good photograph? How do Zen principles enlighten a design or photograph?”

And I realized I had never taken the time to look back on more than twenty years of photography and say, which ones are strong? As my good friend Sam would say, which of these have a life?

So, considering the weight of doctoral work means I have no time to wander the West looking for photos this fall (which is painful, by the way; fall in the West is my very favorite time to shoot, as I feel a palpable energy in the cool breezes and chill mornings), I realize it’s an appropriate time to post images that have life for me.

Feel free to disagree with my choices, or comment freely. After all: If nothing else, art is discourse.

Happy viewing.

One comment

  1. The Texaco sign instantly drew me in, followed by Coke which led to tracing the trajectory of circles which led to discovering that the circles in the lower portion are a very cool blue, an interesting contrast with the reds above and one that brought to mind the difference between red and blue flame. So a life? Definitely:)

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