PlainSky, Nebraskans: Playing Rodeo, Harrison

Playing Rodeo, Harrison

Playing Rodeo, Harrison

The sun was drawing low on the horizon, beginning a sensual intercourse between its light and the dusty curtain wafting through the dry high plains air, as I wandered–intoxicated by the warm colors–looking for photographs. Hours earlier, I had intently shot hundreds of images at the Sioux County Fair rodeo, and those photos had been assaulted by the high-contrast afternoon light, leaving me frustrated and unproductive.

But now, the light began to play nicely, and as I walked by the arena, I saw these two boys playing rodeo, opening the chutes, bucking into their private colosseum, imagining the roar of the crowd as they emerged, tomorrow’s rodeo heroes, the long shadows and dust adding to the drama they were already feeling.

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