PlainSky, Nebraskans: Sand Pipers, Lakeside

Sand Pipers, Lakeside

Sand Pipers, Lakeside

So many migratory travelers moving through the Sand Hills are shocked at the hundreds of tiny lakes seeping up from the barely-hidden Ogalala Aquifer below; moreover, the plethora of waterfowl that flock to the surface water provide a unique experience for the onlookers.

Here, a quartet of sand pipers mills about a pond near Lakeside, flitting away for a few flaps, then returning to the shore; as one of the birds prepared to land, spreading its wings in a braking effort, I made this image.


One comment

  1. Beautiful. I hope the area of the Ogalala Aquifer always stays pristine like this, and environmentally untouched. It’s a lovely photo.
    Sometimes I think the best cloud/sky photos I get are in Nebraska. This one is outstanding.

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