PlainSky, Nebraskans Available for Pre-Order Tomorrow

PlainSky, Nebraskans Cover

PlainSky, Nebraskans Cover

After a flattering number of requests, I decided some weeks ago to make PlainSky, Nebraskans available for pre-order; but I needed to get a cover ready for those pre-orders so customers who wished to reserve a copy could see what they were getting.

The pre-order process might not make much sense at first, but does after the edition details emerge: soft cover, 102 pages, 100 signed and numbered copies, and a foreward by Sam Abell, the famous photographer (just Google him).

Tomorrow the pre-order form will be available on, and will require no deposit. Simply request a copy on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sorry, but for now, I’m only taking US orders (nothing personal, rest of the world).


  1. Brett – I follow your website as I see a few pictures of my family on there! The picture of the cowboy in the PlainSky is my husband, Shon Whetham. He truly is all cowboy and I love that photo! Your website is great to check out ☺ Thanks for sharing pictures of true Western Nebraskan people/scenes. The picture of the boys posing in the pasture is great also – the boy in the front left is my son Teige Whetham.

    Love the photos!

    Cathy Whetham
    Closing Specialist
    Farm Credit Services of America
    Scottsbluff, NE
    Fax 402-891-2244
    “Agriculture works here”

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