PlainSky, Nebraskans: Out the Chute, Sutherland

Out the Chute, Sutherland

Out the Chute, Sutherland

Rodeos are hard to shoot.

“But why?” most ask.

In brief, they’re a cacophony of noise, hubbub and crowds, making visual isolation of anything other than the performers in the arena (who are supposed to be isolated and the subject of everyone’s attention) extremely difficult. So, it’s a challenge.

I hit the Sutherland rodeo last night as a storm rolled through the area, and I was intent on capturing the power of a saddle bronc rider leaving the chute, trying to simplify the force that is the Nebraska rodeo.



  1. Love the framing in this. I’d say you hit it just right. I want to either go to the Wahoo or Springfield rodeo this year and try my hand at some rodeo shots.

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