PlainSky, Nebraskans: Ray Semroska, Orella Road Pasture

Ray Semroska, Orella Road Pasture

Ray Semroska, Orella Road Pasture

Ray Semroska is veteran rancher whose family has lived and ranched in Sioux County since the 1880s, a claim few Americans can make as they climb the ladder of real estate and career toward that dream home in a gated community in the perfect school district close to the golf club.

Ray knows his land with an intimacy founded in generational memory: Every draw, every tree, every washout from the last heavy rain is precious for Ray. If only all of us still had that tie to the land.

I grew up in the same circumstances, using the few trees, deep draws, creeks and open spaces of the southeastern Sand Hills as my playmates, and I think those experiences provided the impetus for my passion to work the PlainSky, Nebraskans project. In short, I feel the land deeply.

So does Ray.



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  1. Hey, LOVE the photo of Ray! He is a dear man and love our visits. I have taken many a photo of him, the ranch, the horses (yes, i purchased 1 from him SMOOTH CAT CHRIS) also have learned a lot from him! Enjoy your photography Brett! Hope your truck heals quickly.

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