PlainSky, Nebraskans: Family Branding, Lusker Ranch

Meidells Branding, Lusker Ranch

Meidells Branding, Lusker Ranch

Yesterday, I posted twice: First, an image of Abby Meidell, the oldest daughter in the Meidell family, who is recovering from a ruptured spleen, and a repost of “25 Things I Want My Ranch Kids To Know,” which was forwarded to me from a very good friend of mine who lives in northwest Nebraska. So, as I thought about those two elements from yesterday, I found it appropriate to post an image of more of the family.

Here, Eric Meidell brands a calf as Abby, his 12-year-old daughter, looks on, and Tricia Meidell leans in on the left. Just as important is the fact that the Meidells work for two different ranching families: Eric for one, Tricia for another. Yet each ranch gets the whole family in the deal: Tricia and the kids work just as hard for Eric’s boss as Eric and the kids do for Tricia’s.

That is the ultimate reason I felt compelled to post this shot soon after the 25 Things repost. Ranchers belong to a special group of people, one that requires hard work, extreme constitution and familial loyalty for membership.



    1. Funny.

      You know, all the kids (3) had shed their long sleeved shirts by 11 am; so had my assistant and I. None of the ranch hand adults, nor Tricia or Eric, did that.

      But guess who had sunburn at the end.

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