PlainSky, Nebraskans: Adjustments, Dawes County

Adjustments, Mansfield Ranch

Adjustments, Mansfield Ranch

I must admit having been dishonest: on the Photos of the West project blog, I wrote that the images I posted there on Friday of last week would not be part of the PlainSky, Nebraskans project. Oops.

Funny thing, looking back through one’s images. I often need to step back from shots for a while before I can evaluate their potential and make a reasoned judgment on whether or not they deserve to be part of a specific project like PlainSky, Nebraskans. On the third look, I think this one does.

As the cacophony of the branding raged around us, this cowboy often took care to protect the young man in the yellow slicker, who had been charged with carrying the “nut bucket” for the morning. In a private, caring moment, the cowboy stopped the young man, removed the boy’s hat, and adjusted the brim, all the while with an open jackknife in his mouth. It only lasted for 20 seconds, but in that time, I made this image.

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