“Carhenge, Alliance” Named “Best Of” at JPG Magazine

Carhenge, Alliance: Named "Best of" at JPG Magazine

Carhenge, Alliance: Named "Best of" at JPG Magazine

I was in Lincoln, Neb., yesterday for some business, and took the opportunity to eat at a Mongolian restaurant I love; my iPhone went with me, since I have a tough time eating alone without reading something. In my e-mail I found a notice: Featured in the Best Of Photo Challenge: The Letter C (jpgmag.com).

Imagine my surprise, and consequently my self-restraint, since I had a mouthful of yakisoba noodles and water chestnuts.

Quite honestly, I’ve been very surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve had from the public about the image. Although I happen to feel it’s one of the best black-and-white prints I’ve made, in over 20 years as an artist I’ve gotten used to the notion that what I like may not be what others like, so this synergy of public and personal opinion is a nice moment.

Thus, this image will feature prominently in the “PlainSky, Nebraskans” show and book.


      1. Does MET stand for Midwestern Eating Time? In that case, I’m already there. 🙂

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