Help Harrison Build a New Fire Hall

Young Cowboy, Harrison, Matted

"Young Cowboy, Harrison" is the 2-foot-wide print I've donated to Harrison as a raffle grand prize in an effort to help raise money for the town's new fire hall.

Harrison, Neb., is hoping for a new fire hall in 2013, and I couldn’t just stand by and watch as 275 people tried to finance such an endeavor all by themselves. This Friday night, however, the town leaders are holding a pancake feed to help raise money for the new building, and I will be there with two of my students to watch as they unveil a 2-foot-wide crystal archive print of “Young Cowboy, Harrison,” No. 1 of 100 (signed and numbered), as the grand prize for a three-month raffle, the drawing finally happening at the Sioux County Fair in August.

I’m not sure what tickets cost, but this town deserves a chance at survival. Just a few years ago, as fires ravaged the county, a blaze crept toward town and nearly consumed it. By mere chance and heroism, Harrison survived. I don’t make a dime from the donation, and these prints are pricey to make–but this is worth it.

If you’re interested in buying tickets, or just donating to the cause, call Zayna at the Harrison Nebraska Village Office: (308) 668-2445. You can mail donations to her at 325 Main Street, Harrison, NE, 69346-1751. She works Mondays and Thursdays, and I’m sure all 275 residents of Harrison will appreciate your help.


  1. Hi, Your crew was up taking pics of some brandings yesterday so i went to this site and surprised to see a pic of my son. I was wondering what the cost of one of those prints might cost if there are any left. thanks joe gluth

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