Skulls and Suns, Santa Fe

Sun and Skulls, Santa Fe

Sun and Skulls, Santa Fe

If you’ve never wandered The Plaza in Santa Fe on a winter’s night, you’re missing quite the experience. After all, this America’s oldest state capital city, and has been part of the European settlements in the region since before 1650. The streets are narrow, the buildings historic and the atmosphere inspiring; as I walked the sidewalks on a quiet Tuesday night, I found this shop illuminated by a single orange street light, and was intoxicated by the view.

The combination of the skulls, their very existence a testament to the end of life, and the ceramic Mexican suns, the symbol of vitality and warmth, was too paradoxical to resist; in the end, the very act of birth and life is tied to death. The textures, the stark white of the skulls and deep shadows of the alley left me contemplative, but ecstatic: I had an image.

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