PlainSky, Nebraskans: Stars, Davis Creek Reservoir

Stars, Davis Creek Reservoir

Stars, Davis Creek Reservoir

I’ve been asked on many occasions how remote Nebraska must be: no towns; no people; and no light. They are mistaken, by and large. Small towns abound in the south and eastern portions of the PlainSky, Nebraskans project, since it is bordered at the south by Interstate 80, a main thoroughfare of the country, and U.S. Highway 281 on the east, a main thoroughfare of the Great Plains. One must venture to the depths of the Sand Hills in order to escape light (trust me, some of those images are forthcoming).

However, this image is not from the vast, silent Sand Hills, but rather from a small reservoir 30 miles west of Highway 281: Davis Creek Reservoir. Shot this last Saturday night during the Lyrid meteor shower (note my poor luck in capturing a dramatic sky-long meteor trail), the 35-minute exposure shows just how much light really is present in the eastern lands of my project.

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