PlainSky, Nebraskans: Cemetery Angel, Whitman

Cemetery Angel, Whitman

Cemetery Angel, Whitman

In Whitman, Nebraska, a lonely cemetery sits atop a hill overlooking town and the vast, rolling expanse of the treeless Sand Hills.

At the northeast corner of the cemetery is a stark reminder of the cost of settling this inhospitable land at the turn of the twentieth century:

BORN DEC. 26, 1908
DIED APR. 7, 1913

Eerily, a photograph of Mabel stares out at us, as if she waits, entombed in the marble, for the infrequent visitor to realize that the frontier demanded payment from more than adults.



    1. Melinda,

      So glad you like it-the scene really resonated with me when I found it, since my daughter is the same age at Mabel at the time of her death. I wither at the thought of such a loss.

      1. Melinda,

        Thanks–felt a wee bit eerie as I composed the shot. Gave me the willies.

        I’ve added a reading list page for everyone’s convenience, featuring books I require in my classes or recommend to my best students. Thought you’d like that.

  1. Mabel Frances Leon Burr known as Dolly was my Grandmas sister – I have seen the stone and think this is a wonderful picture .

    1. Terie,

      How amazing! I’ve been so moved by this grave, and I’m even moreso now knowing she’s remembered by family!

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