PlainSky, Nebraskans Master Image 1: High Plains Train, Grant County

High Plains Train, Grant County

High Plains Train, Grant County

My next solo exhibition, “PlainSky, Nebraskans,” opens at the Minden Opera House Gallery on April 16, 2013, and will feature three 40-inch-wide panoramic images indicative of both the project as a whole, and the essence of western Nebraska. The above image, “High Plains Train, Grant County,” is one of them (I think).

A good friend who is also a photographer–one infinitely more famous and talented than me–has been encouraging me that this image should (must, actually) be a centerpiece of both the project exhibition, and the companion book. He tells me it’s an iconic image, the likes of which he’s never seen before.

It was shot on Highway 2, some distance east of Alliance; I found an irresistible S-curve in the tracks, and a 3.0 ND filter made the winter grass explode with color while the train itself blended into a solid wall rumbling through the treeless Sand Hills.

My plan for the print: 100 signed and numbered 40-inch-wide Chromira panoramic editions, printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Super Gloss paper, dry mounted on 3/16 Gator Natural. Cost: $600, and I’ll take orders for prints numbered 10 to 100 (shipping extra).



  1. Thanks for the props! My friend (Sam) was in the passenger seat of the truck as I shot this, and right when I showed him the raw image on the back of my camera, he lit up. “Oh, that’s new! That’s great!” He seldom uses the word “great” for photos, but even less uses the word “new,” so I knew I had something special even then. Again, thanks for the compliment!

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