PlainSky, Nebraskans: Spaying Cattle, Sioux County

Spaying Cattle, Sioux County

Spaying Cattle, Sioux County

Ranching is a lifestyle of few vacations. Cattle don’t understand that you can’t feed them for a few days, or that their need for water will just have to wait; for the rancher, that means a life tied to the lives of his stock. On Ray Semroska’s ranch, that has been a family inheritance for more than 100 years, and one that plays out in this image of a cold January spaying of 400 heifers, evidenced most clearly by the cloud of steam from the pictured cow’s mouth.



    1. Good comment–nope, spaying heifers. I’m a farm kid, and got a big chuckle out of two of my “big city” students who didn’t know they were walking on oodles of ovaries all over the ground.

      Thanks for the props!

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