PlainSky, Nebraskans: Coyote and Wild West Show, Harrison

Coyote and Wild West Show, Harrison

Coyote and Wild West Show, Harrison

Buffalo Bill seems to be watching the clock in the Sioux County Museum. Does he get to go home?

I found the personality, light and wildness in this single collection a telling image for Harrison and Sioux County. Here, ironically, in a place of which Buffalo Bill presented only a caricature to the American people, is a poster idolizing his work. The coyote, so thoughtful in his expression, seems to keep watch over the residents of the museum as dust slowly encroaches on the sentinel’s charges.


    1. Mack,

      It’s really cool in this tune how he uses his voice. Really does remind me of the coyotes I often hear while I’m shooting at night in northwest Nebraska. Thanks for the great reminder!

      1. Yessir, no matter how many years go by, and months without listening, I can always come back and will be amazed with how peaceful the song is, but how tragic the whole story is. Have you seen Grizzly Man, the movie?

      2. I have (actually, I first knew about the ironically tragic story from the article about him in Outside magazine in 2000 or 2001). A tough situation, to say the least. Amazing how art and music can tell it so well.

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