PlainSky, Nebraskans: Corral, Dawes County

Corral, Dawes County

Corral, Dawes County

“PlainSky, Nebraskans” as a project focuses on the interrelationships between people, industry, the landscape and the sky of western Nebraska, and when I found this corral, with its inverted Da Vinci triangle leading us to the horizon, power lines and ranch in the far distant hills, jet contrails dissipating overhead, I wheeled my truck around, parked in the ditch, and set up the shot.

There is a significant degree of meaning in this image, but much of it is subtle–another hallmark of the project. Why? I’m reminded of a biker I knew from another state, who said Nebraska was just somewhere to “get through.” “PlainSky, Nebraskans” is an artistic and documentary endeavor to force both residents and visitors to stop, look and contemplate.



  1. Britt – I am very interested in your “PlainSky, Nebraskans” series. I live in the Texas High Plains an area that people think of as flat, boring, and yes, “someplace to get through.” It takes some tenacity, here and in Nebraska, to see the beauty, but that tenacity is rewarded with the beauty that you are capturing with these amazing images. My best wishes to you on your project – I look forward to seeing it unfold.


    1. Melinda,

      I’ve been following your work, too, and have noticed you make it through Nebraska every once in a while (nice sign in Kearney); I’ve been through the High Plains many times when, as a young man, I worked as a truck driver picking up and dropping off seed corn, alfalfa, and sorghum. My camera always went with me. You live in an intoxicating place–much like where I do.

      Thanks for the compliments, and keep in touch.

      1. My husband’s family are from Kearney, and I have also traveled through the western edge of the state several times on my way to a writing retreat in southern South Dakota.

        Intoxicating – yes. I am happiest when I can see the horizon.


  2. This shot is great. Such a dramatic sky! I love the perspective….the clouds/contrails leading to a focal point above the fence line; the lines in the fence complementing the “lines” in the sky and the texture in the clouds and the sky. Nice work!

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