Fisherman, Holmes Lake, Lincoln

Fisherman, Holmes Lake

Fisherman, Holmes Lake

Make the best photo you can, every time. My photographic mentor and friend has repeated this phrase often, and it’s true; good photos come from good practice. As I drove through Lincoln, Nebraska, this Saturday, the differentiated light coming through the clouds at sunset was calling me, and soon after, from afar, I saw these two Vietnamese fishermen on the jetty at Holmes Lake. Stopping the car and rushing to the jetty, I received some strange looks from the men, but I waited as the nearer man baited his hook again and cast it.


    1. Thanks-I had seen him cast before as I walked up, and noticed he was left-handed; it gave the look of preaching to the waters.

  1. Ooo, I went out driving in the country that night too, my post will be up this coming Friday. But I didn’t think about playing around with them in black and white. I’m going to have to experiement.

    1. I agree. Great things happen when photographers get in the car and drive. Unless we’re planning on arriving on time.

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